What I learned from 30 days of Web Design

What I learned from 30 days of Web Design

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Faisal Albasu
·Dec 17, 2020·

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I recently finished a 30-day web design challenge which was inspired by Ran Segall on Instagram. In the challenge, I designed 30 hero pages in 30 days under the time limit of 1hour. After finishing the challenge here are some of the things I learned and gained from it. Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.52.35.png

  1. Confidence - Before I started the challenge, I was scared to put my work out there and share it with the world thinking it is not good enough and I need to make it better. Taking the challenge helped me deal with that because it forced me to put it out there even if it's not that good.

  2. Learn from mistake - My first design if I'm, to be honest, was a total mess, it's not readable, no call to action button, and many other missing details but as I posted it I got my first correction from ThisisAlexPro who is a more experienced designer and I was able to see my mistakes and improved them in my subsequent designs.

  3. Consistency and Discipline - Taking on this challenge has taught me how to be consistent and push through no matter the circumstances. It has shown me that I do not need the motivation to do something rather what I need is discipline.

  4. Don't think Act - Ok, to be honest, I didn't use this method every single day but I can say that it is what kept me going and making these designs for the majority of the challenge. There are days when I get caught up thinking about how to implement the idea or what the color or typography would be or what people would think about the design. This is the reason why I stopped checking other sites for "inspiration" because it keeps making me overthinking about the design and not making the design. But inspirations are still a good way to get ideas for your designs.

  5. Just Get Started For God's Sake - Before this challenge, I keep procrastinating on things that I need to do but the moment I started I realized I just need to keep the momentum going and that's all. I'm still surprised by how fast these 30 days came to pass.

To summarize, taking on this challenge has taught me a lot of things and these are just some of them.

I'll like to give a huge shout to Christina Kosik for cheering me to the end and ThisisAlexPro for pointing out my mistakes and how to correct them.

Learning something new is not easy but if you put in the right amount of time and effort you can learn anything you want.

You can check out my designs on my Instagram and how they evolved from Day 1 through to Day 30.

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